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"Why is my check engine light on?"

"Why is my check engine light on?"

Monday, August 07, 2017


Ken Wagner


  1. "Should I use Premium Gas in my car?"
    14 Aug, 2017
    "Should I use Premium Gas in my car?"
    There is nothing "premium' about this gas. It is a higher octane for high compression sport car engines and super/turbocharged engines. Higher octane means it burns slower. So you can lose power and performance if your engine requires 87! So not only is it not better it can be worse for your car. You should only ever use it if recommended by the manufacture, as shown in the photo above (inside gas door). If you are still unsure stop by. "We are here to help!"
  2. "Why are my brakes noisy?"
    31 Jul, 2017
    "Why are my brakes noisy?"
    We get asked this almost daily! There are many reasons why your brake will make noise. The most common reason is rust. If the car sits the rotor will get surface rust on it (see photo). The noise will go away after a few stops. The brake pads will scrape the rust off. Another reason is the low brake pad squeal tab it touching the rotor every time you brake. This noise means its time to get your brakes changed. Then there is the grinding noise. This is when there is no more brake pad left. The